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Anti-Corrosion Control

When metal and concrete are exposed to harsh weather conditions they quickly start to break down and deteriorate, corroding your roofing system and damaging your property. At Mountain Roofing & Repair LLC, we utilize TritoFlex liquid rubber products to protect your metal or concrete roofs from oxidation and corrosion.

TritoFlex is a leader in the commercial and industrial building materials industry. As an American-owned and operated company, they offer high-quality, reliable solutions.

TritoFlex liquid rubber is an environmentally-friendly spray, roller, or brush application which creates an impenetrable barrier that protects your steel and concrete surfaces. The TritoFlex rubber barrier is UV-resistant and can be painted to match the design aesthetic you have for your building.

The team at Mountain Roofing & Repair LLC is highly trained for the effective and long-lasting application of TritoFlex rubber waterproofing membrane. Not only can TritoFlex be used to properly seal and protect your roof, it can also be used on:


  • Wind Turbines

  • Concrete Tunnels

  • Grain Bins or Silos

  • Dam Linings

  • Chicken Farms and Livestock Facilities

  • Ponds and Water Features

Contact the experts at Mountain Roofing & Repair LLC to schedule your TritroFlex rubber barrier adhesive application.

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