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Protecting your roof has never been easier with Triton Incorporated’s line of TritoFlex rubber waterproofing application. TritoFlex has revolutionized the roofing industry by saving building owners 20%-50% over traditional roofing replacement. TritoFlex's durable membrane can be maintained indefinitely, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your home or business’s roof every 15-20 years.

The team at Mountain Roofing & Repair is trained in TritoFlex application and can provide installation to your home or business with minimal interruption from your normal day-to-day operation.

TritoFlex is made using eco-friendly green material and produces no odors during or after application. If you want to save more on a roofing installation that lasts longer, then contact Mountain Roofing & Repair LLC.

  • Foundations Because of its durability, TritoFlex is also a great choice for waterproofing your basement. TritoFlex will protect your concrete foundation from water damage and deterioration with an impenetrable rubber membrane. Whether its new construction or you’re looking to protect your home's basement, we can help!

  • Decks Improve the longevity of your deck with TritoFlex. TritoFlex applies easily to a variety of surfaces and pavers, tiles, or a topping slab can be installed directly on top of it. Because of TritoFlex’s design, it can resist standing water indefinitely.

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